Our services

At W3+ we do a lot of things (i.e anything and everything web!) … but we would like to think we are really good at web consulting, web design, and web development.


Web Consulting

The World Wide Web can be a very confusing place.  We help clients make decisions that are right for them!  Are you just starting of your business or have you been in business for several years and need a new strategy for the web?  Contact us and schedule a consultation and we can help. An hour or two with us can save you thousands of dollars.



Web Design

We are always told never to judge a book by its cover, but most people still do. That is why here at W3+ we focus on creating web applications that are not only beautifully designed, but also user friendly. We make design decisions based on your users to ensure they have the best user experience possible.




 Web Development

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbQuality web development is the core of all of our work. We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to build software that solve complex problems. Our platform of choice is WordPress. Whether you have a small project or if you have a large project that will require custom built software, you can trust us to complete it without stretching your budget.